Thursday, May 3, 2012

All in a Day's Work

See me?  I'm the person who rarely updates her blog anymore.  After reading this post, you'll hopefully understand why.  Here's a rundown of my day...

I was up by 5am (slept in a bit too much); showered and groomed myself; awoke sweet 3 year old Case; brushed his teeth, took him to potty, dressed him, medicated him, juiced him, and sent him to daycare with my hubby; made breakfast for eight year old Kennedy (hubby has to get her up because they are both cave people in the morn); got her snack/water bottle ready; fixed my lunch; fixed her hair and shooed her out of the house; arrived to school to look over things left by yesterday's sub (death in the family sent me on an 8 hour roundtrip visit to Knoxville in a day's time); began preparing lesson plans for next week; answered numerous mermaid/fairy related questions posed to me by Kennedy (love her heart); noticed students were arriving around 7:30 and had to direct them with their projects; hosted a teacher from another school whom I fear will never want to teach 1st grade after seeing how eventful our days are (even though it was a lower key test day); taught 1st graders the wonders of Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel (even Googled pictures of steam shovels and furnaces); administered tests; praised students; reminded students of proper classroom behavior; led small group instruction; answered more questions; enjoyed indoor recess due to rain (sarcasm should be noted here); pinched nerve in shoulder; led 20 ravenous children to the lunchroom for chow time; taught students about patriotism and US landmarks (even watched a Brain Pop video or two); took students to PE so I could Xerox a heap of stuff, answer e-mail, and look for just 1 thing I could check off of my to do list--no such luck); picked students up; administered a math test; glued 4 songs in Poetry Notebooks and practiced listening to them; let students sign t-shirts (while we were packing up); assured students that I love them and yes, I am excited about Green Fling tomorrow too; chatted with a few other teachers; checked mail and responded to more e-mail; listened to Kennedy and friends bounce a ball in the classroom (headache that I had since 11:45 got worse); prepared classroom for tomorrow; packed to leave; took Kennedy to gymnastics (after stopping at Zaxby's for sweet tea--not sure why that always makes my headaches feel better); called both of my parents; sent a few texts; helped rearrange teacher appreciation week for Kennedy's class (her teacher unexpectedly lost her mother in law; her family could use your prayers); ran to Publix during gymnastics; chatted with a friend at the end of gymnastics; picked Kennedy up and went to Wal-Mart; scored Kennedy a Monster High nightgown while there (which she promptly told me to wash for tomorrow night's sleepover); came home and folded a load of laundry after greeting hubby and Case (who got mud on his shoes, but he was outside with hubby, so I got out of cleaning up that mess); made dinner; checked facebook; put laundry in dryer and started another load of laundry; thought about crying over tonight's workload, but decided to instead thank the good Lord for laundry to fold for my babies and for the headache that had gotten better because I really do only get about 1 a month and some of my friends have them constantly; e-mailed some important documents; responded to school e-mail; watched trailer for the new Spider-Man movie; bathed children; prepared a few important items related to school; talked to hubby about eye doctor appointments and The Avengers movie; took Case to bed (Kennedy already fell asleep) and sang his 3 customary songs and said prayers with him; worked on important school items again while listening to some gospel music; finished and e-mailed documents (woo hoo!); washed dishes while watching Dr. Phil; checked a blog I follow; noticed she was doing a linky tomorrow and decided I would link up.  It's only been 4 months since my last post, afterall, and now you know why!

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